Press Release


by Eric Sari

Introducing the New FlexCell, Flexible Gantry Robot Workcell
Selective Conformal Coating, Fluid Dispensing, Jet Dispensing, Plasma Treatment, Meter-Mix Dispensing, Potting, Encapsulation & Inspection

ETS Energy Technology Systems will begin rolling out a new generation of Flexible Robotic Gantry Workcells called FlexCell this coming October 2017. The FlexCell plastform comes equipped with a multi-axis gantry robot based on Ultra Precise, Linear Motor Technology. FlexCell can be equipped with multiple end effectors including Selective Conformal Coating Valves, Fluid Dispensing and Jetting Valves, Plasma Treatment Nozzles, Meter-Mix Dispensing, Potting, Encapsulation, CCD Vision and Inspection devices. The new FlexCell platform comes equipped with many new standard features to improve user operation and provide exceptionally long factory life. A few of the new features include:

  • Robust frame design to cater for longevity and lasting machine accuracy
  • A lighter coating head design that enhances dispensing flexibility and durability
  • Optional pallet return conveyor under the FlexCell machine to fully automate the automation line with our curing ovens and board handling equipment

FlexCell – Flexible Gantry Robot WorkcellNew Selective Conformal Coating Machine


This in-line fully automatic system comes with 3 (X, Y, Z) direct coupling stepper motor driven axis. It will meet most of your selective conformal coating requirements utilizing the lowest investment cost.

FlexCell is designed to strike a balance between cost and performance. This Multi-Axis, Multi-Head, Linear Motor Robotic Gantry Workcell can be equipped with multiple end effectors such as Selective Conformal Coating Spray and Dispense Valves, Fluid Dispensing Valves, Non-Contact Jetting Valves, Meter-Mix Potting Valves, Plasma Treatment Nozzles and more.

Additionally, FlexCell can be equipped with dual nozzle simultaneous processing, four direction 35° tilt, valve/nozzle rotation and/or integrated inverter for double sided processing. These features enhance FlexCell performance with the lowest cost of ownership.


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