VOC Filter Chiminea

The VOC Filter Chiminea is ETS's new air filtration and fume extraction system. It has a very large gas-phase charcoal media filter combined with merv 14 filters.

One of the remarkable features of the VOC Chiminea is that it filters  large volumes of air for such a small footprint. At only 65"h x 24"w x 24"d (165cm x 61cm x 61cm) it will continually filter 500 cfm (14.2 cubic meters/minute) for up to a year. For customers who require low-sound environments, the Chiminea  produces less that 50db.

Standard Features

  •   Variable speed fan
  •   Easy to change filter media
  •   very low price to change filter media

Available Options

  • Airflow sensing
  • Air quality sensing
  • Filter media change notification
VOC Filter Chiminea Specifications
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
Filter Media AreaHxWxD (mm)
Built in Muffler HxWxD (mm)
Noise Level
less than 50db
8 amp Circuit Breaker
for 120 volt & 60 hz
4 amp Circuit Breaker for 220 volt &  Single Phase Power
Hand Crank
Access to Chiminea for easy filter replacement 


Course filters are used to protect more expensive secondary filters from premature dust and contaminant loading ensuring long filter life and less frequent replacement.

Gas Phase Filtration
Deep Bed, Gas Phase Adsorbers are employed to remove solvents and odors from the exhaust stream ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment. Gas phase media additives for specific filtration needs, please consult factory.

MERV 14 Filtration
(~95% efficient, particles ≥ 0.4 micron) Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, 10 or greater. Highly efficient filtration for removing particulates in the 0.4 to 3 (and larger) micron range offers LEED® credits. (IEQ Credit 1.4)

One gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 5oo m2 available for VOC adsorption.