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Flex Cure Medium Pressure Long Arc Mercury Ultraviolet Lamp UV Curing Oven

Flex Cure™ is an affordable inline Ultraviolet UV curing oven. It cures inks, conformal coatings or adhesives applying the correct UV irradiance spectrum to cure properly while also providing maximum reliability and protection for substrates. Our lamps are made in the USA and can be specially made to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Unlike other UV curing ovens, Flex Cure™ is equipped with a highly efficient smart lamp driver which is proven to far exceed double lamp life. Some customers have reported obtaining up to 10 times the life out of their lamps. As a direct result this leads to a reduction of lamp waste, labor costs and manufacturing downtime.

The proprietary design cooling system moves highly filtered MERV 13 quality air over outer and inner surfaces of the elliptical UV reflector. This greatly increases both reflector and lamp life. This same air is channeled through air knives to cool the product. Our inline UV curing system is a quick, repeatable and safe Ultraviolet (UV) curing system. Our ovens deliver consistent and highly repeatable UV and conveyor speeds to provide unmatched ultraviolet dosing on every substrate.


Standard Features

  • Closed-Loop conveyor speed ensures repeatable dose to every assembly
  • Closed-Loop supply air ensures every substrate receives the same amount of cooling
  • UV Wavelength tailored to the ink, coating, or adhesive formulation
  • Enhanced protection for operators from harmful UV radiation
  • Integrated filtration of odors and fumes
  • Touch screen interface control system
  • Integrates into new or existing factory automation lines or used stand-alone
  • SMEMA Communication for integration with other automation equipment
  • Pairs seamlessly with Selective Conformal Coating Spraying Systems
  • Will not interfere with wireless networks

Available Options

  • Bottom UV Curing: Bottom side curing of coatings on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s) or substrates
  • Closed-Loop Spectral Output Sensing: Ensures continual correct irradiance of ultraviolet (UV) spectrum for curing throughout the lamp life
  • Return Conveyor: Lower return conveyor within the oven for One Man Operation (OMO) manufacturing system
  • Operator UV Shielding: Closed-loop, programmable entrance and exit oven doors for shielding operators from potentially harmful UV exposure
  • Closed-Loop Auto Conveyor Width Adjustment
  • Gas Phase Filtration


Flex Cure™ UV Curing Oven Specifications

Flex Cure™ UV Curing Oven Specifications
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
Control System
PLC + Touch Screen
Working Height
Transfer Mode
Pin-chain Edge Conveyor
Width Adjust Range
Transfer Speed
Transfer Direction
L-R or R-L
Conveyor Motor
120W (with gear reduction)
Power Supply
3 Phase Wye 208VAC, 380VAC, 415VAC, 480VAC 50/60Hz
UV Lamp Power
UVA Intensity
UVB Intensity
UVC Intensity
Power Rating

Curing HumiSeal UV40 Conformal Coating

UV40 must be exposed to the correct spectral output in order to achieve maximum cross linking density. The medium pressure long arc UV lamp irradiance output HumiSeal recommends to achieve a non-tacky cure without damaging the coating is provided in Table 1.Table 2 contains data collected by a power puck II in the ETS Flex Cure™ UV oven. The irradiance outputs are more than adequate to cure HumiSeal UV40. In this case, having adequate UVC to cure is not an issue. Traditionally, UVC is hardest to produce in large quantities using UV long arc lamps.

Table 1: HumiSeal UV Arc System Curing Specifications



Table 2: ETS UV Arc System Data collected by Power Puck II


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