TrioTek: Inline, Conveyor Curing Ovens

Thermal Cure, Moisture Cure, Ultraviolet Cure for Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds and Adhesives

TrioTek™ inline curing ovens from ETS are ideal for medium to high-volume curing, baking or drying of conductive inks, conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants and potting compounds. They are easy to integrate with automated spray and dispense systems, SMEMA compliant and equipped with a unique downdraft exhaust design. Removable drip pans and drip grabber foil lining reduce oven maintenance associated with messy drips and spills. The optional ETS xFlow exhaust flow controller and gas phase filtration ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.

  • Longwave Infrared Thermal Curing
    • Tuned Infrared (IR) and Convection Heat Cure
    • Infrared Curing prevents bubbles/blisters in solvent based coatings
    • Longwave Infrared cures coatings from the inside out
    • PID Closed Loop Control of Wattage and Temperature
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Curing
    • LED UV
    • Electrodeless UV (Fusion, CoolWave, MicroUV, etc.)
    • Short Arc UV Lamps
    • Long Arc UV Lamps
  • Moisture Curing
    • Closed Loop Control of Relative Humidity
    • Silicones and UV Curables with secondary moisture cure mechanism
  • All 3 Cure types in 1 conveyor oven, TrioTek™ (patent pending)
    • Order with one cure mechanism and field retrofit when need arises
  • Point of Use Exhaust Filtration
    • Pre-Filtration
    • Deep Bed Gas Phase Filtration, removes VOCs and Odors
    • MERV 10 Filtration (~90% efficient, particle size 3 micron or larger)
    • HEPA Filtration (>99% efficient, particle size 0.3 micron or larger)
    • Custom Filtration Options
  • Exhaust Control and Analysis
  • Drip Grabber, foil lining through the heated length
  • Drip Pans, easily removed for cleaning
  • Patented Left to Right or Right to Left process direction in same oven
    • Pnuematic hood lift raises top straight up
    • Intrinsically safe
    • Controlled, slow rate of descent even in event of factory air loss
    • Equal access to process cavity from either side
  • Conveyor Technology
    • Edge Grabber (Pin Chain with 4.5mm pins, 2.5mm optional)
    • Product (Center) Support Conveyor
    • Mesh Belt (Options from Low Thermal Mass to High Loading)
    • Pallet Conveyor (Heavy Loads, >10lbs/ft&sup2)
    • Combination (Mesh Belt plus Edge Grabber or Pallet conveyor).
  • Control Technology
    • PID Closed Loop Temperature AND Wattage Control
    • Stepper/Servo Motors
    • Touch Screens
    • Embedded Microprocessors
    • Intuitive Software
    • Intuitive Profiling (process setup)
    • Delta Spy Wired or Wireless Profiling
    • Diagnostics Reporting
Inline Curing Oven TrioTek Model 2250
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TRI•O•TEK [try-oh-tek]:
Conveyor cure oven comprising of 3 curing mechanisms: Thermal Cure, Moisture Cure, Ultravoilet Cure; Used in the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies to cure, dry or bake encapsulants, conformal coatings, adhesives and potting compounds.