PCB Handling Conveyors

PCB Handling Conveyors

Modular Material PCB Handling Conveyors from ETSMax with EdgeGrabber ™ are ergonomic, customized to your exacting requirements and are easy to integrate into your printed circuit assembly systems. Solvent flash off conveyors, inspection stations, buffers, accumulators, loaders and unloaders, shuttles, inverters, gates, turn units, manual assembly conveyors and workstations are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements.

Conveyor Types

    • Input Conveyor
    • Manual Inspection Conveyor (optional UV Inspection)
    • Buffer or Index Conveyor
  • Flipper Conveyor
  • Lift Gate or Personnel Access Conveyor
  • Flash-off Conveyor with Downdraft Exhaust
  • Pallet Return Conveyor
  • Ergonomic Manual Assembly Conveyor
  • PCB Elevator Conveyor
  • Shuttle Conveyor
  • UV Curing Conveyors
  • Thermal Curing Conveyors
  • Output Conveyor (optional cooling/fume extraction)
  • Custom Conveyors
  • Dual Lane Telescopic Conveyor
  • Turn Conveyor


  • Compact Loaders
  • suction Loaders
  • Multi Magazine Loader
  • Bare Board Vacuum Loader
  • Dual Rail Loader


  • NG/OK Unloader
  • Multi Magazine Unloader


  • Dual Lane Economic Vertical Buffer
  • Multi Function Magazine Buffer
  • Vertical Buffer
  • Multi Function Vertical Buffer

Dual Lane

  • Dual Lane Vertical Buffer
  • Dual Lane Telescopic Conveyor
  • Dual Rail Loader
  • Dual Rail Unloader
  • Dual Rail traverser





Example Conformal Coating Line, Left to Right processing

Includes Load/Input Station, Ergonomic UV Inspection Station with Down Draft Exhaust and Output/Unload Station with Down Draft Exhaust. Also shown is a robotic spray/dispense system and TrioTek Cure Oven.


Example Conformal Coating Line with load buffer, inspection station and accumulator

Standard Features

  • Robust Modules in customer specified lengths, easily expanded in the future
  • Accepts up to 50cm (20″) wide product
  • Choose no legs, legs, ergonomic workstation, enclosed sides and/or enclosed ends
  • Drip Pans and Drip Grabber foil lining available
  • Width Adjust Lead Screws above or below the product
  • Standard clearance 100mm (4.0″) above and below the conveyor passline
  • Manual or Automatic Conveyor Width Adjust in segments or full length
  • Precise Programmable Conveyor Speed (PID Closed Loop Control)
  • Operate from PC or Embedded Touch Screen Controller
  • SMEMA Compatible/Compliant
  • Supports Product by it’s edges on extended pin chain
  • For Heavy Loads (>10lbs/ft2) choose EdgeGrabber™ Pallet Conveyor


  • Task Lighting
  • UV (Blacklight) Inspection
  • Product Sensing and Tracking
  • Anti-Static Ground Plugs
  • Convenience Power Receptacle
  • Product Stops
  • Tools Holders/Part Bins
  • Storage Shelves, Enclosures
  • Exhausting, Filtration, Cooling
  • Mesh Belt
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with TrioTek
  • Customize Your Way!