PCB Carrier Pallet for Conformal Coating

PCB Carrier Pallets for Selective Conformal Coating

Conformal coating of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) is now an essential part of the manufacturing process. Conformal Coating protects PCB’s from moisture, dust and other conditions in the environment. Coating PCB’s by using carrier pallets significantly reduces labor costs and cycle times while increasing the consistency of the coating application.


  • Reduce labor costs eliminating need for hand masking operations
  • Levels PCB on conveyor and promotes even coating
  • Increases product throughput and reduces cycle times
  • Flipper Conveyor
  • Any shape PCB may be processed


  • Designed to minimize coating build-up between PCB and fixture
  • Designed with accurate board locating features
  • Fixture designed to allow for the coating both sides of fixture without reloading PCB
  • Made from aluminum or composite materials with multiple types of coatings available
PCB Carrier Pallet for Conformal Coating