Fluid Dispensing

Fluid DispensingETS offers a complete line of Selective Conformal Coating, Inspection, Jet Dispensing, Meter-Mix, Underfill and Fluid Dispensing Systems for Printed Circuit Assembly and Semiconductor Applications. In addition, ETS Curing, Pre-heat and other factory automation systems can be fitted with manual, semi-automatic or fully automated fluid dispensing systems enabling precise application of conformal coatings, potting compounds, adhesives, sealants, fluxes, solder pastes and other assembly fluids and encapsulants. We offer units to meet any budget, from compact manually operated systems to fully automated PC controlled fluid dispensing systems with vision. Total system cost is reduced by utilizing a single PC interface, controls hardware and software, single conveying system (where applicable) and most importantly by using fluid dispensing and robotics components that meet the requirements of the task in the most simple and reliable method. Many Thermal and Ultraviolet Cure Applications precede or are followed by fluid dispensing. Cost is reduced substantially by combining these processes into a single system.

Benefits of Integrated Fluid Dispensing and Curing
• Proper Exhaust/Filtration of offgasing and odors at fluid dispense, inspection and curing.
• Single Facilities Drops (Compressed Air, Power, Exhaust)
• Less Controls hardware and software.
• Machine wiring is reduced.
• Better Inter-machine communication and traffic handling
• Equipment size optimized for throughput, fluid dispense time & cure time requirements.
• Lower Initial Investment and lower total cost of ownership.

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