Cure Oven Features

Curing Mechanisms Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Zone
Ultraviolet (UV) Cure
TrioTek™ cure ovens can be equipped with Long Arc, Short Arc, Electrodeless or LED based UV emitters for rapid curing. Long/Short Arc systems offer broad spectral output and high intensity. LED systems utilize focused long wave UVA emitters with a relatively narrow wavelength band for rapid curing. TrioTek’s unique LED emission sources produce very little heat, require no warm-up, emit no harmful UVB, UVC or Ozone, and do not contain Mercury. TrioTek™ LED UV Emitters offer 350mW/cm2 radiant output and greater than 25,000 hours of operation with minimal degradation over time.
Moisture (Humidity) Cure
Many coatings benefit or even require moisture from the surrounding environment in order to cure. Often these coatings can take several hours to cure. In order to accelerate moisture curing, TrioTek™ offers closed loop control of relative humidity within the oven’s process cavity. Humidity levels are monitored, and when required, moisture levels are increased in the supply air prior to entering the process cavity. On-Screen display give the operator instant access to current process cavity relative humidity levels.

Thermal (Heat) Cure
The primary method of heat transfer is combination convection and long wave Infrared (IR). Convection heating is accomplished by first pressurizing a plenum above the oven’s process cavity, second directing the air to the first two zones and then through air knives in the hot plates to the product. Long wave Infrared (IR) emitters cure coatings from the inside out, eliminating problems associated with surface skinning and off-gassing.

Conveying Edge Grabber, Pin-Chain Conveyor
Edge Grabber™ Conveyor
Pin chain carries product through the oven’s process cavity by it’s edges, requiring only 4.5mm (0.177″) under each edge.

Pallet Conveyor
For heavy and/or palletized products, ETS recommends the pallet conveyor where product rides atop the chain, requires 15.9mm (0.625″) on each edge of the pallet. Motor torque is increased to deal with high loads.

Mesh Belt Conveyor
Some applications are better suited by support across the entire width of the conveyor. Can be installed in addition to Edge Grabber™ or Pallet Conveyor.

Traffic Control & SMEMA
TraffikFlow verifies the time element of a time/temperature profile, and controls the passage of product between TrioTek™ and other upline or downline equipment.

Filtration Gas Phase Filtration
Supply Air Filtration
Air is drawn through large area filters running the length of the machine on both sides to provide clean, fresh air to be used in the process cavity.

Course filters are used in the exhaust to protect more expensive secondary filters from premature dust loading and replacement.

Gas Phase Filtration
Deep Bed, Gas Phase Adsorbers are employed to remove solvents and odors from the exhaust stream ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment.

MERV 10 Filtration
Highly efficient filtration for removing particulates in the 0.5 to 3 (and larger) micron range offers LEED® credits.