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Factory Automation Solutions

ETS Energy Technology Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures factory automation equipment for the electronics assembly and semiconductor industries.
From our inception in 1984, we have continuously advanced our core technologies of Selective Conformal Coating, Fluid Dispensing, Plasma Treatment, Infrared (IR) Thermal Curing, Ultraviolet (UV) Curing, Test, Inspection, Material Handling and Conveying. These core concepts and modules are quickly configured to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Whether a single system or hundreds, we create true products that are high quality, simple to manufacture, properly documented, support friendly, and easy to maintain. Ask us about your Fluid Dispensing, Selective Conformal Coating, Plasma Treatment, Selective Soldering, Lead-Free Reflow, Curing, Drying, Pre-heat, Conveying or Custom Application. We’ve been bringing innovative solutions to these applications for over 30 years.

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